Health Studies Degrees

The field of health studies is concerned with the environmental and organizational factors that affect the health of populations. This field explores the subjects of biostatistics, epidemiology, genetics, psychology, sociology, and economics.

Health Studies Degree Information

The bachelor’s degree is the most common academic credential associated with health studies. Programs offer a variety of specialties that the student can use to tailor the degree to his or her interests. These specialties might include child development, psychology, wellness, health management, cultural diversity, and health communication. Prerequisites include a high school diploma, demonstration of knowledge in appropriate science courses including biology and chemistry, and an essay.

Average Salary and Career Data

Graduates of health studies programs work in a variety of healthcare fields. Careers can be found in health organizations, wellness centers, universities, and local, state, and federal government. The graduate is equipped with an interdisciplinary experience that will prepare them for many healthcare jobs and provides them with the knowledge to begin more targeted programs in nursing, dentistry, medicine, public health, healthcare administration, or global health. Specific jobs post-graduation might include:

  • Aerobics coordinator
  • Corporate fitness and safety consultant
  • Community health education coordinator
  • Fitness center director

Graduates will also have the skill set to compete for jobs in ambulatory healthcare centers, earning an average of $28.93/hour; health practitioners’ offices, earning a median salary of $28.64/hour; hospitals, earning an average salary of $32.37/hour; clinics; laboratories; and non-profit organizations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides this information, as well as salary and career data for other healthcare occupations.

Radiology Technician and Health Science Programs

Adventist University of Health Sciences Adventist University of Health Sciences — Adventist University of Health Sciences (formerly Florida Hospital College) offers an accredited online BS degree in radiological sciences that offers medical imaging technologists and radiologic technicians the opportunity to learn more skills to advance their careers in the healthcare field. Earning this degree ensure that its graduates are wholly prepared for the fast-paced and quickly adapting environment of medical imaging clinics and hospitals.

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