Top 10 Twitter Apps for Scientists

Perhaps because Twitter has not been especially popular with scientists, it is difficult to find apps which are specifically advertised for use by scientists. However if we consider the lifestyle and career of a scientist or a technician, there are a host of apps that might be useful and/or appealing — at least at the geological or psychological levels. The following highly-rated Twitter apps — ranging from the most practical to the most playful — are divided into categories, providing links so you can sign up for these free services immediately.

The following links are categorized alphabetically.

Managing Your Twitter Account and Stream

  1. Manage Twitter — Fast & Easy Unfollowing. This is a Twitter account management service that allows you to clean up and manage who you follow. Easily search inside your stream to find out who isn’t following you back, and which inactive accounts you are currently following.
  2. Qwitter: Catching Twitter Quitters sends you an e-mail when someone stops following you, helps to identify spammers, and offers Qwitter Therapy if you become sad about being unfollowed.
  3. Twitter Followers Statistics by TwitterCounter tracks statistics of over 10 million Twitter users. Simply enter your username and click “Show Me” to receive your number of followers, number of tweets, Twitter rank, most popular Twitter users, predictions, and more.
  4. Welcome to HootSuite — The Professional Twitter Client is a “social media dashboard.” You can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, work with a team, share data and access without sharing passwords, track your results and measure your success.
  5. Twuffer — Schedule Twitter tweets allows you to compose a list of future tweets and schedule their release to the Twitterverse. You might, for example, tweet ‘milestone’ or ‘appointment reminders,’ or tweet pre-written announcements, run a scavenger hunt that is timed, notify people of an upcoming podcast, or just make it appear that you are always on the job.

Different Tweeting Experiences

  1. TweetMapMy Tweet Map shows where your friends are tweeting from. Information updates every minute.
  2. GroupTweet allows you to post a message to members of a group using direct messages. These are converted into tweets that followers can see. If you want your group’s updates to be private, you can protect your group account on Twitter.
  3. SneakyTweet is a Twitter client app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It has many account management apps like multiple accounts, photo tweets, video tweets, and editable user profile, plus features like GeoAnywhere, which allows you to tweet from where you want to be, not just where you are, plus private tweeting for your closest friends.
  4. TwitArcade is a free game-sharing site for Twitter users.
  5. Bet Your FollowersBet Your Followers: Cause a stir in your social circle! Use your scientific mind and compute the odds, then play this Twitter game where you wager your followers as currency! Hundreds of thousands of followers have already been won and lost.

This post was updated on December 29, 2014 to remove links to any apps that no longer exist.

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