Top 50 Natural Childbirth Blogs

There has been a growing interest in natural childbirth lately. Natural childbirth refers to birth in which the mother does not take medication in order to ease the pains of childbirth, or make use of medical interventions in the birthing process, such as inducing labor or cesarean section. There are many different types of childbirth, some of which can even take place in a hospital. However, it is becoming more common these days for some women to decide to give birth at home. No matter how you decide to give birth, if you are interested in learning more about natural childbirth, here are 50 blogs that can provide insight:

General Natural Childbirth Blogs

800px-Postpartum_baby3These are blogs that provide general information on giving birth naturally. Great resources for those who are interested in learning more about natural childbirth.

  1. Giving Birth Naturally: A look at natural childbirth from one who has had two girls naturally, and expects to do so with a third child in 2010.
  2. Stand and Deliver: This is a blog about natural childbirth and ways to make it a little easier.
  3. Pushed Birth: This is a blog that works to dispel the idea of induced labor, and to explain the benefits of natural childbirth.
  4. Spirit-Led Birth: Natural childbirth from a spiritual perspective.
  5. Organic Birth: This blog is devoted to home birth and other forms of natural childbirth.
  6. Mother’s Choice: A blog devoted to sharing facts, research and studies about natural childbirth to provide you with the information you need to make your own choice about how to give birth.
  7. Fearless Birth: A blog that focuses on helping women feel empowered through their ability to give birth.
  8. Bornfree!: Learn about unassisted birth and how you can have a successful natural childbirth experience.

Pregnancy and Birth Information Blogs

Get a little more information on pregnancy and birth in general, and what you can do to make the process smoother.

  1. Ob/Gyn Kenobi: Learn about childbirth — including natural childbirth — from an Ob/Gyn.
  2. a little pregnant: An interesting look at pregnancy and parenting, as well as infertility.
  3. Orgasmic Birth: Natural childbirth and parenting, and taking back the process.
  4. At Your Cervix: Get a look at childbirth from a nurse working in a large hospital.
  5. Motherlode Blog: This New York Times blog takes a look at pregnancy and childbirth.
  6. Sarah Stewart: Includes information on natural childbirth and midwives, interspersed with other helpful health information.
  7. Letters from Laura: This blog offers insight into natural childbirth from an activist point of view.
  8. RH Reality Check: This blog focuses on reproductive health, including childbirth.


A midwife can be very helpful in a natural childbirth situation. And most midwives do have medical training as well. Here are some blogs on childbirth by midwives.

  1. Navelgazing Midwife: This certified midwife writes about natural childbirth, and her experiences as a midwife.
  2. Radical Midwife: Approaches natural childbirth from the position that it should never have become something considered “radical”.
  3. Midwife in the Clouds: Get a look at the politics of childbirth and midwifery.
  4. Birthfriend’s place to ponder: Helpful hints on natural childbirth practices, breastfeeding and other aspects of pregnancy and birth from a midwife who has been practicing for more than a decade.
  5. Gloria Lemay: This midwife has years of experience, and can provide an interesting look at natural childbirth.


A doula is a birth helper who assists in childbirth. A doula is not a midwife, nor medical personnel. Many find a doula very comforting and helpful during a natural childbirth.

  1. Sarahthedoula: This Ontario doula provides insight into natural childbirth and tips for making it a success.
  2. Birth, Babies, Breasts, Oh My!: This fun blog is written by a doula who has four children of her own and can share stories of her work with others.
  3. Bellies and Babies: Get news and information on natural childbirth from the perspective of a doula.
  4. Birthing from Within: This helpful site offers articles and resources from doulas and other birthing professionals about natural childbirth.
  5. babycatcher33: This doula blogs about her life, and includes interesting tid-bits about natural childbirth.
  6. Karen the Pittsburgh Doula: A look at the life of a doula in Pittsburgh.

Natural Childbirth Stories

If you are interested in learning about the experiences of others, these blogs can provide you with firsthand accounts of natural childbirth.

  1. Refuse To Be a Womb Pod: Get some interesting insight into natural childbirth and read other stories.
  2. Weblog: Inspirational stores about natural childbirth, as well as tips for enjoying it more.
  3. Pregnancy, Birth and Babies: Read more than 200 stories about natural childbirth and how it can be a good experience.
  4. Women in Charge: Read stories of other women who have taken charge of their childbirth experiences.
  5. Childbirth Connection: Learn about stories from women who have given birth naturally and find resources for your own natural childbirth.
  6. The Trial of Labor: Stories from women about their natural childbirth. Also includes the experiences of miscarriage.

Hypno Birth

Some believe that hypnosis can help women overcome some of the discomfort of natural childbirth, helping them avoid drugs and other medical interventions.

  1. Hypnobabies Blog: A blog that offers insight into using hypnosis in childbirth.
  2. Enjoy Birth Blog: This blog is written by a doula who recommends hypnosis for childbirth.
  3. Hypnosis for Birth: Just what it sounds like, this blog is about using hypnosis as part of a natural childbirth.
  4. Susan Bambara: A well-known hypnotist, Susan has appeared on Oprah to explain how hypnosis can help in natural childbirth.
  5. Hypnosis Downloads: These downloads can help you with natural childbirth, as well as with other issues.


This method of childbirth has been used by many to prepare for natural childbirth. Learn how you can enjoy childbirth more with Lamaze.

  1. Lamaze — LoveToKnow: This has up to date articles on Lamaze and natural childbirth.
  2. Science & Sensibility: Practical information and tips on pregnancy and birth, with the Lamaze method.
  3. Give Birth with Confidence: Learn more about natural childbirth and how you can enjoy it.
  4. Mom’s Tinfoil Hat: This mom believes in Lamaze and writes about daily life, as well as childbirth.

Natural Childbirth Podcasts and Videos

Listen to these great podcasts, or watch some good videos, on natural childbirth.

  1. Bellycast: Information podcasts about natural childbirth, including position and other helpful hints.
  2. Timely Topics in Childbirth: Learn about birth related news and other topics.
  3. Love Delivers: Just what it sounds like, you can watch videos of homebirths, donate, and read their blog.
  4. Bellies to BirthCast: Listen to different accounts of natural childbirth, and the business of childbirth in general.

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