Top 50 Blogs to Help You Further Your Healthcare Career

Are you hungry to learn more about radiology, or do you simply want to further your healthcare career? Sometimes, learning is easier when you can enjoy the posts that are entered into a radiologist’s blog. Or, perhaps you soak up knowledge when you can participate in learning modules or community provided by other blogs. Or, if you’re a loner, you can scan through the news blogs listed below.

No matter how you learn, the following top fifty blogs can help you stay in tune with healthcare and help you further your healthcare career. The blogs are divided by categories, and then listed alphabetically within those categories. This is one way we can show our readers that we do not prefer one blog over another. The blogs listed below have been updated within the past two months and are fairly active:

News and Portals

  1. Aunt Minnie: Not quite a forum, but not quite a blog. Still, this site is included as it’s part of a portal written and executed by executives, editors, and software engineers with years of experience in the radiology industry.
  2. Field of View: Members of the ASRT Board of Directors share their thoughts and perspectives on issues affecting the radiologic science profession, current news and events, and the life-changing experience of serving the ASRT as an elected volunteer.
  3. Imaging News – CT, MRI, and PET: This site provides an easy way to view current news about CT, MRI and PET.
  4. PACS World: This blog, billed as “The blog for Radiology network administrators,” provides news about the world of radiology as well as technical news and some humor.
  5. PACS-aholic: Mr. and Ms. PACS, or Michael Cannavo and Cristen C. Bolan, provide PAC addicts with their news of choice.
  6. Radiolopolis: Like Aunt Minnie, this site is more of a portal than a blog, but it also contains daily updates, news and more from an international community.
  7. radRounds: If you want to stay on top of radiology news, jobs and resources, this link can take you there. This is a list of radRound blogs, mostly offered by the radRound team.
  8. Sonography News: A long-running blog (at least two years) that focuses on diagnostic medical unltrasound imaging news.
  9. Sumer’s Radiology Site: This site is an online Radiology Magazine, which has been featured in the Times of India, Radiographics, BMJ, Journal of Thoracic Imaging and more.
  10. The Radiology Portal: This is a spin-off from CTDave’s incredible Dave’s Places in Radiology. This is a “work in progress,” but if Dave’s following follows him here, the Radiology Portal may be very successful.

Education, Students and Career-Changers

  1. American College of Radiology Blog: This blog provides students with a place to explore ideas and to exchange information on topics relevant to the radiology community.
  2. Indulge in the fascinating world of: Radiology and Nuclear Medicine: Two Hungarian medical students, Imre and András, focus on radiology and nuclear medicine, but are open to all fields of medicine in their blog. *
  3. Learning Radiology: Visit this blog for weekly cases and for podcasts, lectures, images and tons of other resources. This site is run by Dr. Herring, the Vice-Chairman and Radiology Residency Program Director at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  4. MRI Metal Detector Blog: This blog is dedicated to the improved protection of patients, staff and millions of dollars of imaging equipment through greater MRI safety, particularly via the use of specially-developed ferromagnetic detection systems.
  5. Mountain Imaging: This radiology student describes his experiences in an Arizona school.
  6. Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic MRI : This is an educational and informational blog written by two doctors and MRI technologists.
  7. Rad Files: Each post contains a different clinical case with the intention to discuss the cases in the comments.
  8. Radiology 101: Hariette is a Registered Radiologic Technologist and she shares her knowledge about x-ray, radiation, RadTech, radiology, radiologic technology, reviews and tips.
  9. The Radiology Assistant: The Radiology Assistant is an initiative of the radiologist Robin Smithuis for the Radiology Society of the Netherlands to provide up-to-date radiological education for radiology residents and radiologists.
  10. The Student Radiographer: A student radiographer at London’s SouthBank University writes about his trials and triumphs.
  11. X-ray Rocks: Read about how this radiologic technologist left an old job, started a new job and is currently surviving the “cutthroat world of medicine.”

Other Radiologists

  1. Americans For Responsible Imaging: Americans for Responsible Imaging is a coalition of doctors and patients trying to preserve the American Healthcare system.
  2. Cochinblogs: Get your fill of images and interpretations from this blog.
  3. Dalai’s PACS Blog: This blog is written by an “average” Radiologist in an “average” practice in an “average” town in the South. He’s obsessed with PACS systems, and he’s been awarded “Top HealthBlogger for the General Medicine Community.”
  4. RadGirl Radiology Blog: An “anonymous female radiologist” shares her musings, offers guest blogs and talks about radiology and other random topics.
  5. Scan Man’s Notes: Vijay Sadasivam, a radiologist practicing in Salem, a city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the author of this blog.
  6. Sonographers Blog: What can beat the “ruminations and musings of a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer”? This blog is written by a a working sonographer, who is board certified by the ARDMS in abdominal, OB-GYN, echocardiography, and vascular ultrasound.
  7. The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine Podcast: Touch base with Rob with ideas for his podcast and listen in to listen on ideas about viral therapy, melanoma therapy and more. The blog also carries relative links.
  8. Topics in Radiography: Read this blog if you want to learn about imaging methods and patient care tips from another radiological technologist.
  9. Veterinary Radiology: Dr. Allison Zwingenberger is a veterinary radiologist at the University of California, Davis. Her academic interests include CT angiography, abdominal imaging and molecular imaging, as well as integrating teaching and technology.
  10. Why? Mary is a mom and a wife who can’t spell, “watches way too much TV” and a wanna-be artist. She’s also an x-ray tech.
  11. Peng Hui Lee is a radiologist in the UK. His blog is filled with news and updates from his Twitter account.
  12. York and stuff: Learn more about Open Source PACS/RIS and software at this blog.

Medgeek Toys

  1. Architecture for Radiology: A radiology facility design blog presented by Architecture for Radiology, the only architecture firm in the world focused exclusively on radiology facility design.
  2. The Healthcare IT Guy: Put IT geek and healthcare together and you get this blog. The author is Shahid N. Shah, CEO of Netspective.
  3. medGadget: If you love the juxtaposition of gadgets and medicine, then visit medGadget for the latest tools and toys. Their reports are independent and written by a group of MDs and biomed engineers.
  4. Medicine and Technology: Visit this site to learn more about innovative advances in medicine and technology.
  5. Not Totally Rad: Most topics discussed here are centered on radiology, medical imaging and imagers. “Hopefully light will be shed on these matters, even if it’s invisible to the naked eye.”
  6. Radiology Ramblings: Dave is a Baby Boomer radiographer who also is an advocate for health care, a reviewer of tech gadgets and a gatherer of resources for other radiographers.

X-rays, Art and Humor

  1. Improbable Research: Why worry about radiation exposure when you can purchase plutonium at London’s Covent Garden, at the Helios Homeopathy shop? This, and more improbable science at this blog.
  2. Life in the Fast Lane: Life in the Fast Lane is a medical blog and website dedicated to providing free online emergency medicine and critical care insights and education for everyone, everywhere…anytime.
  3. Ray’s X-Blog: About twice per month, Ray in Plattsburgh, New York, covers some oddity such as the paranormal, animals and conspiracy with humor and – from what we can gather – with some intelligence.
  4. Street Anatomy: Street Anatomy began as a blog to educate people about the field of medical illustration and slowly evolved into an exploration of how anatomy is portrayed in everything from fine art to advertising.

This post was updated on December 23, 2014 to update URLs and delete any non-existent blogs. Blogs that have not been updated in awhile remain as a resource for the future.

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